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RE: [midatlanticretro] Re: Possible Phila Vintage Comptuer Event?

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  • Evan
    ... people as we can to demo their vintage stuff at the TCF. My concern is that we d give the public their fill, so when VCF comes around (the events are so
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 23, 2006
      >>> I have not heard a convincing arguement why we should not bring as many
      people as we can to demo their vintage stuff at the TCF.

      My concern is that we'd give the public their fill, so when VCF comes around
      (the events are so close together), they might not bother to come. And
      since VCF is our event (vs. us attending some other event), we could be
      shooting ourselves in the foot. Also, since this is our first VCF, we
      should put as much energy as possible into this one basket. If we succeed
      then we can branch out in the future.

      Please trust me on this -- we really, really need to focus on getting people
      to come to OUR event. So for TCF and the Philly show, we should do what
      Frank suggested, which is to have a table / small exhibit and maybe give a
      talk to explain our hobby.

      Bill, I do like your of "local whips". Our club gatherings so far have been
      at InfoAge not just because it's convenient for me (kidding!) but because
      that's where there is work to do (museum.) So I propose we have the first
      MARCH Social Event at your house. :)

      Having said that, I'll talk with Fred soon about finding out Mr. Grabbe's
      availability for us to pick up the rest of his giant collection.

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      why not?

      my thoughts expand..

      I have not heard a convincing arguement why we should not bring as
      many people as we can to demo their vintage stuff at the TCF.


      It it were possible as an organization to do a show every two months that'd
      be great. A CT / NY show for example that those who live up there can

      I guess my underlying issue is that we should have more activities in a
      decentralized fashion. It will build members and get us more $$. My
      concept of a state chairman who can organize local events independently.

      I feel guilty that I can't work at the Wall NY InfoAge as much as I'd like,
      but I do wish that I could do more here in my state (Delaware) to further
      the hobby.

      At Monday, 23 January 2006, you wrote:

      >I know that not everyone is a big fan of Apple Computer, but as
      Andy said
      >at Trenton last
      >year, "The beige draws them like moth's to a lightbulb!"
      >Since the Apple Lisa and/or the first Mac 128k are pretty recognizable,
      >if you think they would add something to the display, let me know, and
      >I will bring
      >--- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "Evan" <evan947@y...> wrote:
      >> Pictures are a good idea, as are posters, literature, etc.
      >> I'm sure we would all enjoy doing this show, Trenton, etc., but
      we must
      >> carefully use our resources. Not only will VCF East be our flagship
      >> it's also a big fundraising opportunity. So we need to put the
      majority of
      >> our work into this one event. This is the event where people
      will come from
      >> several states away, there might be newspaper/TV coverage, and
      we have the
      >> full support of the overall InfoAge organization. So we need
      to tease
      >> people at other events to come to our event -- not bring too much
      of our
      >> event to them.
      >> _____
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      >> Subject: RE: [midatlanticretro] Possible Phila Vintage Comptuer
      >> Evan <evan947@y...> wrote :
      >> > We should do a
      >> > SMALL exhibit, just one or two tables with a few simple machines
      and club
      >> > literature, rather than a serious project like at Trenton last
      >> And
      >> > then we should repeat the small exhibit at Trenton again this
      >> The
      >> > goal is to just serve an appetizer at PACS, Trenton, etc., 
      in order
      >> make
      >> > them attend VCF for the main course.  In fact, if anything,
      we should
      >> > invite groups like ACGNJ and PACs to bring their own club-sponsored
      >> exhibits to
      >> > OUR show.  It is very important that we don't cannibalize
      our show
      >> > attendance by doing too much elsewhere.
      >> The flip side is that if MARCH does a small show, people won't
      be overly
      >> excited about it. The more you show off, the better the chances
      of finding
      >> people with common interests. Someone at TCF had a bunch of OSI
      >> and someone else had a KIM-1... my first two computers. If you
      had just
      >> the Commodore, PDP-8, and S-100 machines, I'd have been much less
      >> interested.
      >> The more you show, the more interest you generate. After all,
      >> will say "Gee, look at all the stuff they have here... there will
      >> be a lot more when they hold THEIR show!"
      >> If you don't have a lot of machines at a show, then at least have
      >> of some of the machines that will likely be at another show.
      Ie, they'll
      >> get
      >> fired up because they'll see the extent of member collections
      and are more
      >> likely to find someone with common interests.
      >> Bob
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