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Re: Need 3B2/310 Help!

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  • epsilonprocess
    Latest on the 3B2... I exhaustively checked the power supply and everything seemed good. So I swapped system boards and voilĂ , the new one POSTed to the
    Message 1 of 10 , May 8, 2011
      Latest on the 3B2...

      I exhaustively checked the power supply and everything seemed good. So I swapped system boards and voilĂ , the new one POSTed to the terminal with a NVRAM error.

      Tested the battery and it's completely dead. Looks like a pretty easy to find 3.6V lithium backup battery.

      So apparently something went horribly wrong with the original board. Would still like to troubleshoot it at some point.

      In any case, after that, couldn't get any of the hard drives to boot. Went into firmware mode and tried to boot one of the floppy disks, but I get nothing but CRC errors.


      In my box of spare parts, seems like I was also given a SCSI HA board, so on ebay I grabbed a 327MB SCSI drive, a spare 4MB memory board, and to be safe, a replacement floppy drive, from apparently someone involved with the SDF 3B2's out in Seattle. Everything is supposed to be tested working, so fingers crossed. He told me the HD will have 3.2.3 pre-installed with the SCSI drivers so I should be good to go. I got so many floppies with the system, so hopefully I can find the 5620-related stuff. No idea if the floppies are still readable after all this time.

      In any case, if I do manage to bring all this stuff down to VCF, it might end up being a live restoration.

      Also, wanted to ask what the differnece was (other than the obvious visible differences) between the two boards. The one that ended up working has the power supply connector on the other side and one missing screw hole at the bottom (meaning I have to insulate the standoff so it doesn't short). From what I read, the /310 has the WE32100 while the /300 had the WE32000. Couldn't really read the chips on the swapped board, but the one that fried clearly has the WE32100.

      Old broken board: http://home.prog.fm/3b2-sb2.jpg
      New board: http://home.prog.fm/3b2-sb1.jpg

      BTW one of the things I tried was swapping the PROM's but that didn't make a difference. So you're seeing the old PROM's on the new board and vice-versa.

      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, Mr Ian Primus <ian_primus@...> wrote:
      > --- On Tue, 5/3/11, epsilonprocess <als@...> wrote:
      > > I took the readings with the floppy and hard drive
      > > disconnected, but
      > > with the system board connected. I didn't see the damage on
      > > the
      > > connector until I dismantled the system board/expansion
      > > cage, but there
      > > was no further smoking. I did later plug in the hard drive
      > > with the
      > > system board disconnected, and it did spin up, though I
      > > didn't take any
      > > readings with it connected. I'll have to do that.
      > OK, then it really sounds like your power supply is OK. Check carefully the burned area, and see if any of the traces were damaged. Also see if you can figure out what might have caused it - if there is a burned screw rattling around in there or something. That's not the way power connectors usually burn - they usually darken and discolor in one spot, and burn the associated wiring harness plug too. That looks like something fell in there and shorted it out then burned.
      > > With the system board connected, the green LED lights up.
      > > If the reset
      > > button is pressed, the green LED flashes then goes solid
      > > again. There's
      > > only a red LED next to the green one that I figured was the
      > > hard disk.
      > > Is that the diagnostic LED? If so, that one never lit up.
      > There are two LED's on the front, the left one is green (power), and the right one is amber/red (Diagnostic). There is no hard disk light.
      > > At no point did the system POST anything to the terminal.
      > > It's a 610
      > > terminal set to 9600/8/n/1. I didn't check the battery
      > > level. I'll have
      > > to do that as well. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to get to
      > > the shop
      > > tonight or this week. Let you know what else I find.
      > Are you sure the cable is wired correctly? Do you have a "christmas tree box", with the little lights that you can put on the RS232 line to see if there is any activity at all?
      > -Ian
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