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Update on MARCH official membership and funding -- PLEASE READ

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  • Evan
    Hi all, I m still working on bylaws and all that boring crap, but as far as membership goes, we (the board) decided that dues are unfortunately an unavoidable
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 19, 2006
      Hi all,

      I'm still working on bylaws and all that boring crap, but as far as
      membership goes, we (the board) decided that dues are unfortunately an
      unavoidable part of the basic fiscal existence of operating a club.

      Everyone who already donated will be grandfathered in to 2006 membership.
      The rate we established is $20 or a board-approved alternative (examples
      might be donating a good-condition large folding table, being under age 18,
      or other equipment/services that we need.)

      Here is the list of everyone who's grandfathered in:

      Bill Degnan
      Bryan Pope
      Raymond Sills
      David Gesswein
      Bill Sudbrink
      Michael Pearson
      Kelly Leavitt
      Rich Cini
      Bill Pechter
      Mike Loewen
      Jim O'Brien
      Mark Dodel
      Chris Keegan
      Jim Scheef
      Andy Meyer
      Evan Koblentz
      Herb Johnson
      Bob Grieb (table)
      Joe Giliberti (excused)

      If I forgot your name, tell me off-list as soon as possible.

      If you're reading this message and didn't donate yet, what are you waiting
      for? Our temporary PayPal donations button is at http://www.marchclub.org
      ... if you have problems with PayPal then you can send a check to treasurer
      Jim Scheef (email him.)

      When we finish the bylaws and stuff, there will be an official membership
      form which everyone will be required to fill out.

      In time, membership will bring privileges -- reduced admission to VCF,
      t-shirts, perhaps some InfoAge perks, etc. -- if anyone has ideas for other
      benefits ideas, please email me off-list.

      Meanwhile, memberships aren't enough to sustain us. We spent almost all of
      the money raised so far on becoming incorporated. We had no choice in that
      step. Our next required step is to purchase liability insurance. I did
      some homework and got a good rate from the same place where InfoAge itself
      buys insurance. The quote is $440 for an annual policy covering us for $1
      million. I brought this up at the last InfoAge board meeting and the people
      representing the other member groups said that's a good deal and that $1
      million is pretty much the minimum we can buy for holding public events.
      The good news is that it's payable in two or three installments. On the
      other hand, your friendly officers aren't about to get stuck paying
      out-of-pocket for this bill. So... I'm going to print some quick-and-simple
      forms that everyone can use to solicit donations from family, friends,
      coworkers, customers, parole officers, or whatever you've got. :)

      Think about it -- If 15 of us each get five people to donate $10, then 15 x
      5 x 10 = $750! That goal should be EASILY reachable within a few weeks.
      And those figures are just a starting point; there's no reason not to take
      them much higher.

      This funding situation is URGENT. Without buying insurance, we can't have
      public events like VCF.

      If anyone has the interest and means to make a more serious donation, for
      example in the hundreds or thousands, then obviously we are extremely
      interested. This is a great opportunity for businesses especially. MARCH
      doesn't yet have the ability to give tax deductions, but InfoAge does, and
      we can arrange something where organizations donate to InfoAge and earmark
      the funds for MARCH.

      That's all for now. Again, please email me off-list with any questions.

      - Evan

      Evan Koblentz's personal homepage: http://www.snarc.net

      Computer Collector Newsletter:
      >> http://news.computercollector.com

      Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists & Museum:
      >> http://www.marchclub.org
      >> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/midatlanticretro/
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