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  • Evan Koblentz
    Heard back from Bob Albrecht, the original editor of the PCC newsletter. His message is below. ... Subject: Re: People s Computer Company .... Date: Sun, 3
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      Heard back from Bob Albrecht, the original editor of the PCC newsletter.  His message is below.

      -------- Original Message --------
      Subject:Re: People's Computer Company ....
      Date:Sun, 3 Apr 2011 10:10:02 -0700
      From:Bob Albrecht

      Ahoy Evan,
      Thanks for this email! It gives me nostalgic goose bumps.
      This old PCC Dragon is 81. Current adventures include writing stuff, tutoring students in math and physics, and running HurkleQuest play-by-email games for elementary-school teachers and their students. I live in Newport, Oregon.
      Dave Moursund and I have written a 222-page book titled Using Math Games and Word Problems to Increase the Math Maturity of K-12 Students. It is published in electronic form as a pdf file by the Math Learning Center in Salem, Oregon.
      You can read the table of contents and Chapter 1 WordsWorth Games at
      Scroll down and click on Table of Contents and sample chapter.
      I visited your web site  http://www.midatlanticretro.org/  and spent some happy time.
      Reality expands to fill the available fantasies.
      May dragons of good fortune dance on your kyboard.
      Bob & George
      Bob Albrecht & George Firedrake
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