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Trenton wrap-up

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Got home and I m exhausted. Long weekend! However it s always a fun and productive event for us, and this year was no different. In addition to Bill Deg. and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2011
      Got home and I'm exhausted. Long weekend! However it's always a fun
      and productive event for us, and this year was no different.

      In addition to Bill Deg. and Justin's flea market booth yesterday, MARCH
      had an indoor booth both days. We had two tables, displaying our Altair
      and Pong, along with Andy's Apple //e and Bill's Grid laptop. Yesterday
      was very busy from morning until the mid-afternoon. Later yesterday
      afternoon and most of today were slower, but still good.

      Lots of people expressed interest about the VCF East and many promised
      to attend. As usual, a few people offered us hardware. One person
      brought us another //e today, and another guy is giving us an Apple
      III. Some other systems were also promised, and we'll see if people
      come through ...... nothing especially wonderful, but still plenty
      good. :) We also saw many friends-of-MARCH as usual .... Herb, Rebecca
      M., all the ACGNJ / TCF people, some folks who've been to InfoAge and/or
      VCF, etc.

      My lecture today was well-attended. About 15 people were there.

      Andy and I went to the TCF dinner last night, at which Andy received his
      Hobbyist of the Year award. TCF management had asked me ahead of time
      to say a few words on his behalf, so I did, and people seemed pleased
      with that. Or maybe they just liked the dessert ... delicious chocolate

      Oh, and yesterday morning there was a vendor suffering from road rage.
      He wielded a chainsaw upon a closed gate that blocked his vehicle's
      path. Two campus policemen ordered him to, shall we say, put down his
      tool. He resisted and they drew their guns. * THAT * was interesting.

      Today, someone tripped over a cable and allegedly broke an arm. Note to
      self: make sure MARCH pays its upcoming insurance bill!
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