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Re: [midatlanticretro] Adventures in Commodore 64

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  • Ray Sills
    ... I d be a bit cautious about that. There s a good chance that much of that old software is still protected by copyright, even though it s out of production
    Message 1 of 18 , Mar 5, 2011
      On Mar 5, 2011, at 9:08 AM, Dan Roganti wrote:
      > yes, I can't recall what utility I used back then - I wish I can
      > remember. If you have one I like to try it. I would use it to
      > inventory all the programs - the filename, and diskette ID, since
      > they're cracked you can pack upto 10 programs on each side,
      > depending on the file size.
      > I would make a new disk ID each time I made a disk full of programs
      > to keep them sorted. This util would read all the filenames on the
      > disk, including the disk ID and store it in a file. Then I would
      > append the list with the next disk to the file and so on until I
      > had all disks inventoried.
      > So with this list then I can lookup program on the diskette, about
      > 400 of them, using labels I made that matched the disk ID, and keep
      > them sorted in my diskette box. I would upload this list to the
      > BBS's so the rest of us could share it.
      I'd be a bit cautious about that. There's a good chance that much of
      that old software is still protected by copyright, even though it's
      out of production and unavailable from the publisher. Someone may
      still own the rights, and if they find an on-line source distributing
      the material they still own without a license to do so, the could be
      the issue of a lawsuit. It would be worth trying to make a good
      faith attempt to reach the copyright holder and ask permission to
      post the programs.

      Sure, almost all those programs are now "abandon-ware".. and the
      original publishers may be totally defunct. But, some publishers
      still are in business, even if they are not supporting a particular
      computer, like the C64. They might offer a license to archive the
      old programs as a strictly non-commercial basis. (That you don't re-
      sell at a profit).

      73 de Ray
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