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Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: The Retro Computing Roundtable podcast

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  • Dan Roganti
    --http://www.vintagecomputer.net/ragooman/ ... you mean this ? http://dvswitch.alioth.debian.org/wiki/ That looks great, so it s all done on the
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 22, 2010


      On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 12:01 PM, <telmnstr@...> wrote:
      > Video - yes! That would be very cool. Why not . . . well, I need to learn how to do that first. ;)

      At the hackerspace in Norfolk (www.757labs.org) I'm working on doing a
      full multi-cam setup with multiple angles and switching. Using older

      If you're going to be close to the camea, look at the software the Debian
      project uses at their conferences. I think it's called DV switch or
      something. It looks pretty powerful and is free.

      <alittle OT>
      you mean this ?
      That looks great, so it's all done on the desktop, no external hardware, just use a Firewire card for the extra inputs ?
      I see it has PiP, but no fading ?
      I just found this linux editor too, Kino, http://www.kinodv.org/article/static/2
      and this , http://windv.mourek.cz/

      I use to have a video mixer station when we only had VHS :(

      I heard that Skype can already support conferencing with multiple parties, it could be a basic alternative, wouldn't there be a way to feed this into Ustream much the same way as enabling a webcam ?

      I just read on the Ustream forum, that a basic setup can be done with a firewire card or muliple usb webcams and you can switch the input to the other video channel during the broadcast via the Ustream console - I haven't tried it yet, but I like to this wknd


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