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RE: [midatlanticretro] Re: Report -- InfoAge work day...

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  • Evan
    Egads everyone, I m replying to my own reply... My message earlier today was sent in a hurry from a Treo, because Frank s comments deserved an urgent reply.
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 13, 2005
      Egads everyone, I'm replying to my own reply...
      My message earlier today was sent in a hurry from a Treo, because Frank's comments deserved an urgent reply.  But my reply didn't come out as clearly as I hoped.
      Frank is absolutely correct -- everything in the Grabbe collection belongs to Infoage, not MARCH -- and so we have to be more considerate of Infoage leaders' opinions as we assemble the museum.  Granted, Fred's directive to us is simply "do your best with your limited resources," and we've done exactly that so far.  We just need to keep thinking in terms of the big picture.  Also, as we in MARCH start to get more items donated directly to us, it's going to be more tedious to organize it all.  But I think we did a pretty good job yesterday.
      Frank's also correct about what he said (or at least what I read) between the lines -- that I was too quick to open my big mouth.  My comments about "claiming" rooms and such, albeit mostly just joking around and referencing some inside jokes from Saturday, were obviously vague and inappropriate for the general list.  I apologize to Frank and anyone else who I offended.
      And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.
      Assuming no snow, who's up for another work day on Saturday, Dec. 10?  Now that we got some organizing done, we can begin real cataloging, as was the plan yesterday.

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      Frank, no worries, your opinion as an InfoAge officer is worth a lot more than
      two cents to us. :)

      We in MARCH already knew each other yesterday but we were glad to share our
      backgrounds and interests with you.

      However, please keep in mind that messages like my trip report on this mailing
      list are only intended as entertaining, informative, and informal updates for
      our general membership. So when I used phrases like turf its only in q casual

      I assure you that MARCH and specifically our officers fully understand that
      most of our collection is actually InfoAges collection/property. We are very
      careful to make this distinction when it really counts, for example, when we
      were organizing things in the basement yesterday. Im sure you understand that
      in the purely colloquial sense we just say our collection for simplicity on
      this mailing list rather than explaining the asterisk each time. We save the
      long explanation for newcomers, etc.

      (Sent from my cell phone so this message is brief, will follow-up with you
      later off-list.)

      - Evan
      --- midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      Hi all;
      > Yes, it was great to get to know everyone - I'm sure
      that we'll have
      > a lot of fun in the future. Apologies for not being
      able to stay
      > longer - but at least my meetings at another museum
      (Sarnoff) were
      > productive... Apologies further for my inablility to
      remember faces
      > and names - over time I promise to get better!
      > > We previously talked about having our museum space at InfoAge's
      > > building ("the hotel") but there is too much happening there
      > (events,
      > > construction) and there is too little
      security.  So, per Fred's
      > original
      > > idea, we scoped
      out a nice part of the second building (I forget
      > what it's
      > >
      called -- I mean the building directly behind the hotel where the
      > > Broadcasters Hall of Fame will also be located.)
      > Since I wasn't there, is this what we refer to as "The Library"? -
      > It's the "L" shaped building behind the hotel.
      > > We
      vaguely had Fred's permission to make this claim,
      > > but he had to
      leave for a few hours.  The conclusion: "It's easier
      > to do
      > > and ask for forgiveness later than to get permission
      > Wrong! You guys have to understand that you are now
      affiliated with
      > our organization, and that kind or attitude certainly
      doesn't endear
      > us to MARCH. Fred has a cellphone, as do I. Both of us
      are available
      > to answer questions or help organize.
      > > We began moving all the heavy computers (lots of DEC, teletypes,
      > > etc.) from the NJBHOF room down the hall to a couple of
      the rooms
      > in "our"
      > > new turf.  We spread out the items
      across a few of the rooms...
      > each room we
      > > use for storage
      makes it one less room another group can claim,
      > right? 
      > Wrong again. Very Wrong. It's not "your" turf. It's Infoage's turf.
      > We make the final call. You cannot make claims for space that we may
      > have plans for in the future. Additionally, in the future when
      the "H" buildings come online, everything will probably get moved
      around in ways that none of us can imagine. Honestly, Evan, this kind
      of attitude is really going to endanger our relationship. I suggest
      > you
      think about what your expectations are, and how you think you can
      > fit
      in. As with the other organizations that are under the
      > Infoage
      "umbrella", we have to paraphrase JFK:
      > "Ask not, what Infoage
      can do for you - ask what you can do for
      > Infoage"
      (O.K., it's a bit of a stretch, but you get the idea....)
      > >
      One highlight: the vast InfoAge
      > > collection is only LESS THAN HALF
      of Mr. Grabbe's full collection. 
      > The
      > > other half is
      yet to be transported from Grabbe's home in the
      > Harrisburg, PA
      > > area to InfoAge.  Fred is working on setting this up.  When the
      > time comes,
      > > he'll need three assistants -- "two to move
      the collection and one
      > to keep
      > > Mr. Grabbe occupied" --
      Fred's words, not mine.
      > As we discussed in the meeting
      yesterday, Dr. Grabbe is first and
      > foremost an Electical Engineer, and
      quite honestly, is not into old
      > computers as much as his collection
      might imply. His focus is on
      > computer design, "packaging" and
      associated technologies. This means
      > that any kind or oral histories
      should probably focus on this area.
      > We can get all kinds of info
      elsewhere on PDP-8's and -11's for
      > example, but where else are we going
      to going to get a talk about
      > Gene Amdahl's wafer scale integration
      program (incredible stuff!)?
      > The computer (actually, more of a
      programmable sequencer) for Mariner
      > 4? Etc. Dr. Grabbe *loves* to get
      "down and dirty" when talking about
      > the technologies - it's our job to
      translate a lot of this into
      > understandable English for the public. I
      suggest that one or two of
      > your folks with EE backgrounds come with you
      to help probe his mind
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