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  • evan947
    Hi everyone, There are just 19 days -- three weeks -- until we exhibit at the 30th Trenton Computer Festival. (They even put a special announcement about
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2005
      Hi everyone,

      There are just 19 days -- three weeks -- until we exhibit at the 30th
      Trenton Computer Festival. (They even put a special announcement
      about MARCH on the show's homepage! Check it out: http://www.tcf-nj.org.)

      Tonight I spoke with our TCF point man. They need us to give a **
      final count ** of our exhibition needs and names as soon as possible.
      So far they have 12 two-by-six-foot tables for us. Every table they
      set aside and don't use costs them money, and every table they have to
      get at the last minute is an unnecessary hassle.

      So, to be clear, I need EVERYONE who is definitely bringing an exhibit
      to speak up now. The best way to do is to put the word "confirmed" in
      your row of the "Who's bringing what to TCF" database, via the
      "database" link on the left side of our Yahoo group page

      Some of you may have more stuff to display than will fit on a 2x6-ft
      table. I'm thinking specifically of our multi-party Apple display and
      the DEC folks. I will plan for two tables end-to-end for the Apple
      part, and will put the DEC people adjacent to each other as well.

      About eight or nine of us are still listed as 'tentative' in the
      database or didn't post an entry at all. Again, if you definitely
      will attend TCF with unique and working vintage computers to
      demonstrate, PLEASE make that clear to us at this time.

      Of course, if you're part of MARCH and aren't exhibiting, you are
      still encouraged to spend the weekend with us!! Help us schlep stuff,
      help demo stuff, answer attendees' questions, guard our exhibits when
      people must step away, bring me snacks. ;)

      There are some perks to exhibiting with us if you're unsure -- you get
      a VIP parking pass, a guest pass, and all the glory that goes with
      being part of the COOLEST exhibit at the show. (MARCH members who are
      coming but not to exhibit still get one free pass for themselves to use.)

      We'll be in a seperate 40-by-20-ft room off of the main show floor.
      There is just one door to this room and it will be LOCKED at night for
      our security. Unless there's a sudden surge in people exhibiting with
      us, we will share the room with one other group -- possible the NJ
      Antique Radio Club, which I'm lobbying for, or possibly a vendor that
      will (allegedly) be in education mode, not commercial mode.

      TCF is even providing a MARCH sign for us.

      Don't forget to make hotel reservations! There is a link to nearby
      places at http://www.tcnj.edu/~ccr/about/hotel.html.

      The only bit of bad news is that it's not looking promising for us to
      get a phone line into the exhibit. There is a small chance still, but
      frankly, I'm not optimistic. They're talking about routing a line
      from some upstairs room, a hundred feet or so, through the door, up my
      nostrils, out Andy's ears, couple o' times around Jim's ankles, and
      then (maybe) to where the line is actually needed. You get the idea.
      We may get the phone line but I wouldn't count on it. (In TCF's
      defense, they are trying on our behalf! There are some issues about
      the actual college facility that are out of TCF's control.)

      So... one last time... *** PLEASE *** confirm your MARCH/TCF exhibit
      intentions as soon as possible, for everyone's sanity.

      Saturday night, we'll celebrate our very existence with food and drink
      and generally a nerdy good time.

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