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Re: [midatlanticretro] Workday this coming Sunday

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  • Evan Koblentz
    ... Update: several people, on- and off-list, sent me advice about floor painting techniques. Then I talked to Fred. He told me that Infoage s paint job in
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 26, 2010
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      Hi all --

      Sunday we'll begin painting the concrete floor of our new museum space.  Also, we'd like to start organizing our books, magazines, and software.  So we'll need lots of help!

      For the print / electronic media organization, first we need to get it all in one place (upstairs in our new section.)  We will organize the books by subject/title; magazines by title/issue; and software by system/category/title.  For the time being we'll store it all in file cabinets -- InfoAge has many (many, many!) which we can use.

      I know the media organizing is the more fun project but I do need one or two people for the unglamorous floor painting.

      We'll start around 10am and work until 5pm (I have to be somewhere at 6.)

      Update: several people, on- and off-list, sent me advice about floor painting techniques.  Then I talked to Fred.  He told me that Infoage's paint job in section 9032-A -- that big, barren section where we had VCF exhibits last year -- was painted just once with ordinary porch/floor paint a few years ago and has held up to thousands of people (Halloween, VCF, etc.) with no problems.

      So, unless we get a sudden influx of labor and/or money and/or miracles, we're going to take the KISS method of painting our new section's floor.
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