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Re: How big is our hobby?

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  • fieldfan1
    I hope there aren t too many. It makes it even harder for me to get new specimens for my electronic menagerie when there are thousands of other rabid
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 10, 2005
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      I hope there aren't too many. It makes it even harder for me to get
      new specimens for my electronic menagerie when there are thousands
      of other rabid retro-techies out there trying to get their hands on
      the same machines that I am. ;-)

      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "Evan" <evan947@y...> wrote:
      > Here's something on my mind lately. I posted a similar query to
      > classiccmp/cctalk a few weeks ago, but no one seemed interested in
      > discussing it. Trying again here and now...
      > How big is our hobby?
      > I think it'd be very interesting and helpful to know approximately
      how many
      > collectors there are worldwide. I guess we fall into various
      groups, such
      > as 1.) general computer nerds who happen to have one or a few old
      > for sentimentality or just for the coolness or amusement; 2.)
      collectors who
      > never considered that other people do it too; 3.) collectors who
      aware of
      > the hobby but choose to remain anonymous; 4.) active collectors
      such as
      > nerds who join groups with names like "MARCH"; 5.) crazy rich
      people who are
      > generic science/technology collectors and whose collections may
      include some
      > computer stuff.
      > If we really think hard, we could fine-tune these categories, but
      for the
      > sake of this email, they'll suffice.
      > Obviously we're all mostly familiar with category 4. How many of
      us exist?
      > Well we can do some estimating. Classiccmp has just under 1,000
      > Erik Klein's vcforum has a few hundred who aren't on classiccmp; my
      > newsletter also has a few hundred who are unique; Sellam Ismail's
      > mailing list has another thousand-ish; and then I figure that each
      of the
      > top 50(-ish) vintage computer web sites probably has a few
      hundreds loyal
      > fans... Many of those numbers are estimates, but the point is,
      it's easy to
      > estimate that there are approximately (very approximately!) 5,000-
      > "active" vintage computer collectors in the world.
      > But here's the neat part: as we saw in Trenton last weekend, for
      every one
      > of in category 4, there are several more in categories 1 and 2.
      What do you
      > suppose the ratio is -- 2:1, 4:1, 10:1...? If we guess low and
      say there
      > are just two oblivious or inactive collectors for each of us, well
      > there could easily be 30,000 collectors in the world. Granted,
      many of them
      > may not know they're collectors! But they are.
      > I'm really curious about how others feel.
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