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RE: [midatlanticretro] Hello everyone

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  • Evan
    Hi there, Welcome to MARCH and thanks for being lucky #100. Where do you live? Our club currently has three big projects: - we re becoming incorporated,
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 10, 2005
      Hi there,
      Welcome to MARCH and thanks for being lucky #100.  Where do you live?
      Our club currently has three big projects:
      - we're becoming incorporated, making a web site, etc. (vs. being little more than an informal gathering / discussion group for the past 10 months)
      - we're creating a brick-and-mortar computer museum on the NJ shore (Wall Township), although our members are from all over the mid-atlantic region
      - we're hosting the Vintage Computer Festival East 3.0 next spring (May 13); VCF is the major international show franchise for our hobby
      More timely, we're having a club work day this Saturday (starting at 10AM) at the InfoAge Learning Center (infoage.org) which is where our museum is located.  The purpose of the work day is to start a serious cataloging effort for our collection.  You're welcome to attend.  Directions are on the InfoAge web site.  Also, look through the past couple days' worth of list messages for more details on this Saturday.
      - Evan Koblentz, march prez

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      Subject: [midatlanticretro] Hello everyone

      I just joined and checked out the member list and guess what? It looks
      like I am the 100th member of your little club! :-) I hope that means
      good things will happen for me here. Anyway, I was in a retro
      computing mood so thought I'd look to see if any clubs were in my area
      and found this place. I just got back from a trip way up north
      (Hackettstown, NJ) and came back with a like new Commodore Plus/4 in
      minty fresh box, yet and a Compaq LTE 286 "lunchbox" computer. The guy
      I got them from says he has a Kaypro (!) machine in his barn, but he
      is holding it for now. I'll be trying to talk him out of it,
      though.  ;-) I have lots of old computer and video game hardware, but
      am only interested in acquiring, not disposing of. Sorry. :-( So what
      are the plans for this group? Any gatherings in NJ? I want to see what
      else is out there that someone here might have that I never heard of
      before (not likely, as I do a lot of independent research but maybe
      something escaped my attention ;-))

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