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Re: [midatlanticretro] Good museum day

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  • Jeffrey Brace
    That s great ! I was surprised to hear that were any visitors on Mother s Day ! And good visitors at that ! ... From: Evan Koblentz To:
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      That's great ! I was surprised to hear that were any visitors on Mother's Day !  And good visitors at that !
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      Subject: [midatlanticretro] Good museum day


      We only had nine visitors to the computer museum today, but they were
      all good visitors -- adults who were genuinely interested, stayed for a
      while, and asked good questions.

      One person visited a couple of weeks ago and came back today to ask
      questions about his recently purchased ZX-81. I pointed him to our list
      here ....

      After closing, Steve and I drove to the Princeton area to visit a
      friend-of-MARCH, Rebecca Mercuri. She gave us two modern electronic
      voting machines and a Lowry Genius G160 electronic organ. Why? Because
      these products all use Z-80 chips! Our plan is to keep one of the
      voting machines (for our future exhibit on modern use of vintage
      computing technology), give the other to FUBAR Labs (NJ hackerspace,
      a.k.a. "Fair Use Building And Research"), and decide later what to do
      with the organ. Amazingly, this all fit into Steve's minivan.

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