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Macintosh SE in fine funky operating order

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  • macmothership
    Sure - I m always out here. I just don t speak too much! Guess I m still doin that don t speak unless spoken to thing. Anyway, Chris - I have like a hundred
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 28 4:39 AM
      Sure - I'm always out here. I just don't speak too much! Guess I'm still doin' that "don't speak
      unless spoken to" thing.
      Anyway, Chris - I have like a hundred of these mice. Contact me at
      jupiter2@... with your address (I think I had it, but can't find it now), and I'll
      send you one (free, of course). I also have external modems if you decide you need one.
      For info, check out either my site www.macmothership.com under Mac Stuff/Info or try here:

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