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Re: [midatlanticretro] Pictures, web site, etc.

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  • B Degnan
    ... Jim, We will never have the funding the Computer History Museum has. As a professional web designer, I can tell you that they probably spend about
    Message 1 of 18 , Jan 16, 2010
      Jim Scheef wrote:
      > What we should emulate - grow toward - is the Computer History Museum
      > website. I understand that they have a professional staff and it took
      > them some time to build all that, but that should be the goal to which
      > we aspire!
      > Of course you disagree, you're in denial.
      > Jim

      We will never have the funding the Computer History Museum has. As a
      professional web designer, I can tell you that they probably spend about
      $20-30,000/yr on their web site support, not to mention the initial
      outlay of funds to pay for the original site, which was probably another
      $30,000 if you count equipment. The Computer History Museum is not a
      volunteer outfit. Despite our lack of a stand-alone web site tell me of
      a volunteer group like ours that is larger and more active with proven
      accomplishments in our area - preserving computer history. This does
      not mean that we do not have a significant web presence, we certainly do!

      I thought we already agreed that the yahoo group will be our "web site"
      and that the web page we have for our domain is just a guide post.
      Honestly, our previous site was not where it needed to be, it was not
      forward-thinking web 2.0. I put up a simple uncluttered web site which
      has been copied by others in the classic computing arena as a model for
      how to do it.

      We have so much else going on, all of which, including this email,
      communicates quite nicely through our Yahoo group page. Member web
      sites contribute by funneling information and details through the MARCH
      group. For example the recent announcement posted by Dan about our CP/M
      weekend in April. We have three hacker sessions planned for the next
      few months, TCF, HOPE, etc. We have large group rescue efforts
      coordinated quite nicely. Don't our actions speak for themselves, so
      much more than a web site? While we struggle with the basics of making
      this group an organization, we have a huge amount of accomplishment
      happening where it actually counts - preserving computer history.

      I guarantee that way way way more people have learned about MARCH from
      member YouTube videos about our activities than our old web site. It's
      the way of the times, social networking sites provide all of the tools
      one needs to run an organization like ours.

      It's not like your opinion has no weight, it does. I guess would much
      rather see you complete your "Green Screen Experience" project than get
      side tracked by things like our web site and organizational charters.
      The Yahoo Group, in conjunction with the other web resources we use, has
      an organic structure that works very well. Why spend time copy and
      pasting into our web site from the sources that already handle the task
      of communication quite nicely?

      Can you answer this question - What group despite the lack of funding
      is more dedicated to vintage computing and has a larger active
      population? Somehow we're the best, and it ain't because of our one
      page site.

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