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Re: OT: [midatlanticretro] laptops

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  • Chris M
    but where is it John? ... the counter ... by the ... features, like ... carry the warnings ... over the laptops. ... infoAge so all I ... drumroll... OK when
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 23, 2005
      but where is it John?
      --- midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com
      <allain@...> wrote:
      > Well, It ain't CompUsa.
      > I know the people there, so they let me do over
      the counter
      > ...versus eBay, which they prefer.
      > The company features two materials crushers right
      by the
      > entrance, so itsn't much to look at.
      > You have to guess at specs from external
      features, like
      > CDROM,screen size,USB,PS/2 port present etc.
      > The laptops are the kinds that would usually
      carry the warnings
      > (All sales final, untested, for parts only)
      > Scared yet?
      > Saying all this, they let me look at and pick
      over the laptops.
      > This last trip it was getting late for my trip to
      infoAge so all I
      > got was a Mac 520C (untested then, but,
      drumroll... OK when
      > tested at home) Only paid $15 but its has good
      screen, Ethernet,
      > and SCSI.
      > Not hot but actually pretty close to a dumpster
      dive, you have to
      > know how to work without a net (warranty,
      > To get back >> on topic <<, My first time there I
      bought a 1972 PDP11/10
      > for
      > about $80. There has never again been
      anything That good, but
      > there are the lesser breakthroughs.
      > John A.
      > i feel so cheap now.

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