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Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Oh no! RESISTORS burns down

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  • evan@snarc.net
    I m told he is all set. He has local help from family and friends. His mood is also upbeat, considering what happened. ... From: jack99rubin
    Message 1 of 21 , Dec 5, 2009
      I'm told he is all set. He has local help from family and friends. His mood is also upbeat, considering what happened.

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      Date: Sat, 05 Dec 2009 17:55:19
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      Subject: [midatlanticretro] Re: Oh no! RESISTORS burns down

      I don't know how many people tried to rescue the B-205 over the years, or how many people knew about it. I tried to facilitate a rescue with the Rhode Island guys a few years back, probably just as MARCH was getting started, but it never came to anything. My contacts there were too flakey and Claude wasn't having any of it.

      Sorry to learn of the loss but glad Claude is OK. Hopefully he will get an insurance settlement that will ease other aspects of his life. Glad Herb and Will are on the ground to help him out. Is there anything that can be done long-distance to assist?


      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, evan@... wrote:
      > Oops! I clicked 'send' by accident before I was done typing. Read on...
      > >>> Please don't turn down anything like this in the future. where there's a will, there always a way
      > I can assure you it was a very tough decision.
      > The main factors were our resources (very few) vs. the computer's alternative fate (world's best and most professional computer museum).
      > I made the realistic choice. For MARCH, the largest computer we ever rescued is the System/38. That required a budget outlay of roughly $400, a huge favor from Nels, and use of InfoAge's forklift. I kept chanting to myself all day long, "This is worth it ... This is worth it ...
      > To rescue the 205, I figure we would have needed the following resources:
      > -- someone with the expertise to dissassemble it, in a way that wouldn't damage it, and so it could be put back together
      > -- one or more forklifts with licensed drivers
      > -- an army of very strong people to safety move all the other stuff out of the way in the barn
      > -- an 18-wheeler with a licensed driver
      > -- more forklifts and another army of very strong people to unload it at infoage
      > -- fast-forward two years: army of people to reassemble the computer in an exhibit
      > -- army of people to clean it and make it look presentable
      > So, Dan, the next time there's a 55-year-old, 9-ton vacuum tube computer in the back of an 85-year-old blind man's barn, located a good 50 feet off the paved road and surrounded by trees and a mud path, which requires all kinds of help and the cost of a HUGE truck rental, etc., then .... I'm assigning you to be the project manager for that rescue, mmm 'kay?
      > :)
      > Alternative, which is what was actually being planned: CHM, with its multi-million-dollar budget, experience, know-how, and more resources on a bad day than we have in a five good years, could just come get it.
      > Claude himself thanked me for acknowledging that, and complimented me for taking the high road and doing what was best for the computer.
      > That's the story.


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