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Re: [midatlanticretro] MBASIC HEX listing out there?

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  • B Degnan
    ... Ah...PIP was the missing component for me. I will let you know when I have it running. Bill
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 18, 2009
      Bill Sudbrink wrote:
      B Degnan wrote:
      Bill Sudbrink wrote:
      I have been out sick for the past two weeks, but I just wanted you to 
      know that I got this file, thanks.  I have not been able to port it to 
      my computer yet, but I should be able to find the right combo to do 
      it.   I did it once a year ago, I just have to re-learn what I did then.
      Bill Degnan
      Basically (no pun intended) you need to transfer the file
      to the CP/M machine and then use the LOAD command.  The
      transfer can be accomplished via PIP if you are using a
      computer as a terminal to the CP/M machine.  You would
      enter the command:
      wait a few seconds for PIP to get ready then start the text
      transmission.  If you use hyperterm, you would use the
      "Transfer" menu, the "Send Text File..." selection.  Depending
      on the speed of the CP/M machine, you may need to adjust
      "ASCII Setup..." (File/Properties/Settings tab/ASCII Setup button).
      There are two timing settings, the delay between characters
      and the delay after each line.  If you find you miss random
      characters in a line, you need to adjust the character delay.
      If you find you miss a bunch of characters at the start of each
      line, you need to adjust the line delay.
      Once the entire file is transferred, you need to press Ctrl-Z.
      It can be a slightly tricky process.  With some big files, I
      break them into pieces and then use PIP to reassemble.  I have
      often thought it would be nice to have a terminal program that
      had a setting like "Do not send the next character until the
      current character has been echoed".  That would get rid of all
      the timing troubles.
      Ah...PIP was the missing component for me.    I will let you know when I have it running.
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