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Swap Qume 842 --> Shugart 850 - Success

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  • B Degnan
    Kelly (and anyone interested in 8 drives..), The SA850 you traded me works. If you re curious, the CompuPro Disk 1 Technical Manual has a jumper settings
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2009
      Kelly (and anyone interested in 8" drives..),
      The SA850 you traded me works. If you're curious, the CompuPro "Disk 1
      Technical Manual" has a jumper settings chart on page 24 and the top of
      25. The settings are for the use of the CompuPro Disk 1 controller, but
      you can also use it for other applications because it gives clues about
      differences between the drives. I did not notice the shunt settings on
      page 25 until afterwards so I also had to guess these using trial and

      Here are the drives supported by the CompuPro Disk 1 S-100 card
      Shugart 800/801
      Shugart 850/851
      Qume Qumetrak 842 (and related)
      Siemens Model FDD 100-8
      Tandon 848
      Mitsubishi Model M2894-63

      So, now I have a working dual 8" drive.

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