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Heck of a day @ the museum

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Things mostly went as planned today. Which is very good. I got there early, 10:30-ish, and made several posters. Joe joined me. Bill Degnan came around
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2009
      Things mostly went as planned today. Which is very good.

      I got there early, 10:30-ish, and made several posters. Joe joined me.

      Bill Degnan came around 12:30. He checked out the tempermental IBM PC
      5150. Determined that it's got a weak power supply and an inconsistent
      keyboard connection on the motherboard. He also decided to take home
      both of our DEC PDP-11/05s, with a plan to make one good working system,
      maybe two if we're lucky.

      We three also did more re-arranging in the minicomputer room.
      Everything is finally in its proper location, and we have empty spaces
      where the Nova and System/34 will go when they're delivered.

      Bill Dudley came and began testing our TV Typewriter, which he built in
      1976 while working at ITT. He was amused at trying to debug something
      that he hasn't worked on in 30 years! It has a keyboard problem but
      there is a good chance it can be fixed. However he is a very busy man
      ..... Bob G., maybe you can help with that? Please. :) Having this
      artifact work, with a copy of Lancaster's Cookbook, will be a GREAT
      sub-exhibit in the homebrew/SBC room.

      Bill Degnan: you understand that system and its glitch(es) better than I
      do; please reply with details so all MARCHins know where its stands.

      Meanwhile the NJ Hackerspace people (four of them) came for an 8pm tour
      of InfoAge. The look on their faces reminded me of when Andy and I
      first visited in spring 2005 .... a combination of awe and terror! We
      (InfoAge) hope they decide to call it home.

      Right now, I plan to be at the museum every Sunday and Wednesday from
      now until VCF, and probably some other days too. For example I might go
      tomorrow afternoon/night because there's a major planning meeting for
      the Halloween event. If I go early then I can sneak in more poster
      making time .....

      Next up, probably for Sunday: we need to make another faux-wall of gray
      cubicle dividers; this will divide the minicomputer and computing @ Camp
      Evans halves of Room 1. That'll also give us some "free"
      storage/workshop space in the middle. I'm excited about doing this
      particular task because it will create a much more "finished" appearance
      for the minicomputer exhibit.

      Many of you asked for pictures in the past few weeks. We're holding off
      because it will be so much more impressive when it's done!

      Anyway, today was awesome. I especially enjoyed getting a crash course
      in TV Typewriters from a guy who built one back when that was the hip
      thing to do.

      Fred and the rest of the InfoAge crew are also increasing their
      compliments for MARCH's work. We are truly kicking ass in the past few
      months, and it's all going to reach a climax around VCF time.

      As usual, you all should expect me to step back for a while post-VCF.
      Yes I'm already dreaming of some R&R.
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