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[Fwd: [last-announce] HOPE attendees - be a part of history]

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Hi MARCHins -- I m forwarding this on behalf of Emmanual and the 2600 magazine crew. I can t afford to go on this trip, but it sounds awesome. ... Subject:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2009
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      Hi MARCHins --

      I'm forwarding this on behalf of Emmanual and the 2600 magazine crew.

      I can't afford to go on this trip, but it sounds awesome.

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      Subject:[last-announce] HOPE attendees - be a part of history
      Date:Fri, 3 Jul 2009 19:49:35 -0400
      From:Emmanuel Goldstein <emmanuel@...>

      Greetings all,
      Yes, it's another year until The Next HOPE. Be patient.
      However, THIS year you have a terrific chance to be a part of hacker
      history. I'm referring to a couple of extraordinary events taking place
      in Europe, namely Hacking At Random in Holland, Plumbercon in Austria,
      and the opportunity to be part of one of the most interesting and fun
      tour packages in recent memory.
      Hackers on a Plane (www.hackersonaplane.info) is one of those unique 
      hacker events that defy all of the odds that the mainstream throws our 
      way. What if a bunch of hackers got together and chartered space on a 
      commercial airline, then journeyed throughout Europe to take part in 
      various hacker conferences and see the emerging hacker spaces in several 
      different countries? Not only is this very possible, but it's all 
      completely organized. It's the perfect way to experience this summer's 
      hacker activities on a global scale and at an affordable price.
      But we have a serious dilemma. Not all of the tickets have been sold, no
      doubt due to the lousy economy and other such mundane issues. As those
      people who refuse to let reality get in the way, the hacker community
      needs to come together and keep this project from falling short, a fate
      that would probably doom future such endeavors. So if you have any dream
      of being a part of Hackers on a Plane, or know others who might be
      interested, now is the time to step forward. We only have to sell around
      ten tickets for the expenses to be covered and this needs to be done by
      the 10th of this month to fulfill terms with the airline and all that
      fun stuff.
      This is what you get. For a total cost of $1618.03, you get round trip
      airfare from New York City, accomodations while you're away, admission
      to both PlumberCon and HAR, and a full tour of hacker spaces in Austria,
      Germany, and Holland. You leave New York the morning of August 4th and
      return the afternoon of August 18th.
      If you just want to experience the magic of the Dutch hacker camp (HAR),
      the cost is $1337 and includes round trip airfare to Dusseldorf, Germany,
      paid admission to HAR, and accomodations. You leave New York the morning
      of August 12th and return the afternoon of August 19th.
      In each of these packages, you also have the option of not having to
      worry about actually camping out at the Dutch hacker camp. Hackers on a
      Plane has reserved a permanent structure, complete with hot showers,
      sheets, towels, and all that. So fear of camping is no excuse!
      We all know how magical these events are and what a great time we all have.
      This project in particular is a creative and fun way to wrap a lot of
      different things into a very unique package, one that will surely be a
      positive influence on your life for many years to come. We at HOPE don't
      want to see it fail because not enough tickets were sold. So please, if
      you were considering going to this year's hacker events in Europe or know
      someone else who is, help us fill this plane with hackers so we can continue
      to make history.
      Also: if you're in or near Los Angeles or Seattle and enough people sign up 
      from those locations, you can have those cities be your start and end point 
      at no additional cost. Email friendsofhope@... for the 
      latest on this. To register, visit www.hackersonaplane.info.
      Please be sure to spread this message around to as many people as you can 
      before July 10th. Once we help clear this hurdle, you can expect some news 
      on The Next HOPE.
      Thanks for listening.
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