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Re: [midatlanticretro] Visual Computer

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  • evan
    Cool find! The specs on the oldcomputers.net page agree with the specs in Mike Nadeau s book, Collectible Microcomputers. By the way, Mike emailed me today,
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 9, 2005
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      Cool find! The specs on the oldcomputers.net page agree with the specs in Mike
      Nadeau's book, "Collectible Microcomputers."

      By the way, Mike emailed me today, and said he has a work committment (he's
      just been promoted) and so he can't attend the TCF. But he still will send us
      some copies of his book to give away as prizes, etc.

      --- billdeg <billdeg@...> wrote:
      > And when you least expect it...
      > I run an ad in the local newspaper (Wilmington News Journal) each
      > week under the name "The Delaware Computer Museum" and I have been
      > pleased to find that this ad has shaken free some hidden gems from
      > my area.
      > I run the "museum" at my office. I have about 1/2 my collection
      > there in the lobby and back room, the rest are at home in my
      > workshop. If you are in Wilmington Delaware stop by. I have micros
      > from 77-89 on display.
      > Anyway, today a man came in holding a primitive laptop computer
      > called the "Visual Commuter". This brand I had not seen before, but
      > I knew to be one of the first laptops. Everything works.
      > I will put up pictures on my web site some day
      > (vintagecomputer.net), but in the mean time here are two links that
      > pretty much sum this bugger up.
      > http://oldcomputers.net/commuter.html
      > http://www.dak.com/catalogscans/1986computer.htm
      > I believe that the original owner purchased this computer from DAK
      > surplus because I have all of the items (same monitor, software, and
      > printer) pictured on the link above.

      Evan's personal homepage: www.snarc.net

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