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Too Many Games this Weekend

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  • Bill Degnan
    [I went last year, it was fun. I can t go this year, I have an PDP 11/05 to pick up in Baltimore...Try to make it - Lots of vintage gaming...Bill] Heya,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2009
      [I went last year, it was fun. I can't go this year, I have an PDP 11/05
      to pick up in Baltimore...Try to make it - Lots of vintage gaming...Bill]

      Heya, everyone!

      The show's coming up this Sunday at the Leesport Market so I wanted to send
      out an e-mail letting people know some of the events going on this weekend!

      First, on Saturday, the day before the event, the TMG crew will be heading
      to Challenge Arcade for a pre-show gathering. Everyone is welcome to join
      us at Pennsylvania's arcade hot spot in dropping some quarters into their
      amazing selection of classic and modern games, pinballs, pool tables, and a
      cool selection of novelty machines as well! Their website is currently
      down but you can visit their page at ArcadeFly for more info on the arcade
      - http://www.arcadefly.com/arcades/challenge-arcade

      Our tournaments will begin at noon with a 4 player Tetris Party tournament,
      then at 1pm the Atari 2600 Warlords tournament starts, afterwards at 1:30
      the Super Smash Bros Brawl tournament begins, then get your rock on with
      our Guitar Hero World Tour tournament beginning at 2:30pm! We're also
      running high score competitions on Ms Pac-Man for Atari 2600 all day long,
      as well as a combined high score contest in three Nintendo Championship
      games, the Nintendo World Championships, Star Fox Competition, and Donkey
      Kong Country Competition. The winner of the Nintendo Championships will
      receive a custom Nintendo World Championships reproduction cartridge!

      Fans of Magic: The Gathering will want to participate in our Vintage (type
      1) tournament, starting at 1:30pm. This is not going to be a sanctioned
      tournament but will be following all standard structured WotC tournament
      rules. Entry fee for this event is $10 and top players will get booster
      packs from the latest expansion, Conflux.

      Everyone's favorite foul-mouthed crappy game reviewing nerd, the Angry
      Video Game Nerd will once again be at TooManyGames, and from 1pm-3pm he'll
      be sitting down to sign autographs for his fans! Be sure to bring a game
      from your favorite AVGN review to get the nerd to sign for you!

      Got a hankering for some Halo? We're running several Halo 3 events
      throughout the day! The girls from Charisma +2 will be at TMG to hand out
      asswhoopings in 2v2 matches all day long. Plus the guys from BBandG Events
      will be running not just Halo tournaments, but Call of Duty 4, Madden, and
      others throughout the day!

      A brand new Atari 2600 game, Prehistoric Times from Salute Games, will be
      releasing exclusively at TooManyGames! Venture back in time to scavenge
      through forests and plains, hunting wild beasts, and searching for the
      mysterious god. Prehistoric Times will be available for only $15 and
      includes a cartridge and manual.

      Our marketplace is going to be packed with 32 different exhibitors! Tons of
      vendors will be selling games, several running tournaments, and a
      smattering of artists will be selling gaming art pieces! Lots of your
      favorite vendors and artists are returning, and there's a bunch of new
      faces as well! Be sure to bring a full wallet!

      If a day full of gaming at TooManyGames wasn't enough, after the show ends
      and we're heading BACK to Challenge Arcade for a post-convention gathering!
      Pizza and soda will be consumed, games will be played, and the people will
      rejoice! 8*)

      If you haven't reserved your tickets for TooManyGames yet you'll need to
      hurry! Ticket pre-registration closes at 8pm Friday night! Pre-registering
      costs nothing extra, but you get a jump on the deals as everyone who
      pre-registers can get into the show at 8:30am while everyone else has to
      wait until 9am!

      Everyone at TooManyGames is looking forward to another tremendous spring
      event and we look forward to seeing you all there!

      -- __
      Chuck Whitby
      Too Many Games
      "Let us Play"
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