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Re: [midatlanticretro] Ace Multiprosessor disk?

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  • Bill Dromgoole
    Sorry Bill, I have no software or other docs. ... From: Bill Degnan To: Sent: Tuesday, April 21,
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      Sorry Bill, I have no software or other docs.

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      From: "Bill Degnan" <billdeg@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, April 21, 2009 4:23 PM
      Subject: [midatlanticretro] Ace Multiprosessor disk?

      Bill #3
      Do you have a boot disk????? With that I could rebuild my system. It can use
      the older DOS.

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      > Subject: Vintagecomputer.net re: Action Computer Enterprise, Inc.
      > Action Computer Enterprise, Inc.
      > RESPONSE:
      > I came across another ad.
      > http://www.dvq.com/ads/acei_byte_1_81.jpg
      > This uses a different cpu card than yours.
      > The DPC-180 card has 64k of on board ram, a Z-80 cpu and a serial interface
      > but no boot rom.
      > I have one in my collection, but I don't know its condition. I have no
      > documentation for it. You can borrow it if you need it for anything.
      > Bill #3
      > Respond to this reply here:
      > http://www.vintagecomputer.net/browse_thread.cfm?id=230
      > Little is known about the Discovery 500 Multiprocessor S-100 Computer by
      > Action Computer Enterprise, Inc. I found ads for a similar system sold by the
      > same company that appear in Byte magazines in 1981-1982, but no ads for the
      > Discovery 500.
      > The Discovery 500 Multiprocessor S-100 Computer by Action Computer Enterprise,
      > Inc. This is a "turnkey" system, note the key.
      > The multiprocessor calls the disk controller, but there is no functioning
      > media. After checking for a disk in the floppy drive, the system searches the
      > hard disk for an OS.
      > The hard drive makes a horrible screeching, I doubt I will be able to get too
      > far with it. The hard drive is a Disctron, Inc model D526. The floppy drive
      > is a Mitsubishi M4853. Photo of drives. Although this is an S-100 system,
      > the drive controller is not installed on the S-100 backplane and receives it's
      > power separately. Instead the controller sits on the other side of the drives
      > in it's own rails.
      > The ACE Discovery 500 is a late S-100 era built for export to China as well as
      > for sale in the USA. Based on the date stamp of the chips, I believe that the
      > Discovery 500 was manufactured in 1983.
      > Action Computer Enterprise, Inc. was one of the pioneers in the development of
      > early multi-user operating systems for business in the late 70's.
      > If you know more about the Discovery 500, please let me know! In the meantime
      > I am going to see if I can boot with a CP/M disk borrowed from another system,
      > with the hope that the boot PROM has a flexible BIOS. The disks are probably
      > 5ΒΌ" 96tpi DS/DD 624K
      > More Pictures
      > Advertisements
      > References:
      > http://pat.jpl.nasa.gov/public/hls/
      > http://pat.jpl.nasa.gov/public/craig/
      > http://www.dvq.com/oldcomp/oldads.htm
      > http://www.adamsint.com/Press/the_chinese_way.html
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