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OT: Hero, R2D2, B9 at Robot Fest this Saturday

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  • us21090
    All, This Saturday, April 25th we ll be hosting the ninth annual Robot Fest at the National Electronics Museum (*) near BWI Airport. See
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2009

      This Saturday, April 25th we'll be hosting the ninth annual Robot Fest at the National Electronics Museum (*) near BWI Airport. See http://www.robotfest.com for more details.

      Robot Fest is a venue where students, adults, techies, artists, can show off their techie creations (see verbage below signature). So this isn't a vintage show, per se, but there's some-crossover. In particular the DC area R2D2 Builders (r2dc.com) will be back. Last year they brought working R2's (sorry, no 3d hologram), a (stationary) B9 from Lost in Space and other bots. This year I understand one exhibitor is bringing a Heathkit HERO, though I don't know how operational it'll be. There's a video on the website, showing some of the Fest.


      (*) For those with keen observational skills (Evan!)- National Electronics Museum is the NEW name for the Historical Electronics Museum.

      More, uh, pitch:

      Robot Fest is a free 1-day event for students of all ages and for those with the unquenchable urge to see and create new, previously unseen forms from lifeless electronics and mechanical parts of metal and plastic.

      In the early years we focused on the demonstration of robotic projects, but more recently we have expanded into realms where technology is used in any creative fashion. We welcome the hackers, hobbyists and makers and those who are not content to sit back and watch yet another screen, be it on a phone, handheld, laptop, desktop or TV.

      If you are inexplicably drawn to sites like makezine.com, hackaday.com and instructables.com, we want you.

      See something new. Ask questions. Awaken your creative instinct.

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