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Another VCF note / Also book sale

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  • Evan Koblentz
    It s almost certain that NEXT year -- for VCF East 7.0 in 2010 -- we ll have a HUGE space available in one or more of the H-buildings. Then we can organize
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2009
      It's almost certain that NEXT year -- for VCF East 7.0 in 2010 -- we'll have a HUGE space available in one or more of the H-buildings.  Then we can organize all sorts of creative events around the show.
      But for this year, I ask everyone to please be patient ... this year's show will be basically the same as the past three years, due to space and resource limitations.
      However what we can all work is the challenge of having different / new exhibits.  Last year we had some rookie exhibitors such as John A., Dan, Joe, Jeff J., Sridhar, and Mike K. who all did a great job.
      How many new exhibitors / new exhibit ideas can we get this year?  I think that's the best (realistic) way to keep the show fresh.
      Another idea, which won't take up too much space and will be relatively easy to administer (takes just one person to oversee it), is to have the VCF book sale.  That can be part of the MARCH booth, as we did last year with the microcomputer overstock sale.
      The easiest way to have a book sale is this: people donate old books to MARCH (computers & other techie subjects), then we sell everything PER POUND.  No matter what the book is, people take whatever they want, then we put their purchases on a scale, and charge $X / lb.  It's not ideal but it's * EASY * to administer and relatively easy money.  We already have a good amount of InfoAge books to sell.  I already brought in several of my own obsolete computer books.  NOTE: this isn't consignment.  Consigment is too much of a PITA.  I can't stress enough that the idea is to keep things ultra-ultra-ultra-simple.  So, everyone is encouraged to bring stuff for this special VCF booth.  But, please do NOT just drop off books at InfoAge without giving us some warning.  That will lead to chaos.
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