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RE: [midatlanticretro] Altair serial port problems

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  • Richard A. Cini
    Bill: I appreciate the offer. Like you, I m a persistent tester. Herb Johnson has given me some ideas to try. Unfortunately I don t have a real terminal but my
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 7, 2005

      I appreciate the offer. Like you, I'm a persistent tester. Herb
      Johnson has given me some ideas to try. Unfortunately I don't have a
      real terminal but my fear, based on the circuit design, is that current
      serial ports don't usually put out +/-12v and that fact might be
      dropping the input voltage at the SIO board below the detection level. I
      don't have a "real" terminal but as you indicate, I might have to use


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      I do have a 8800b with 48 K memory.
      Sounds like you have been working hard on this project and I may not be
      to offer much help, but here are my thoughts. Do you have a Fluke data
      analyzer using an 8080 pod to review the serial port traffic? I am not
      really sure
      how to use a Fluke data analyzer with an 8080 pod myself, but I know
      that this
      is a good way to test an 8080 machine using the serial port. You can
      the two serial cards this way, see if there are differences. You can
      confirm the byte structure is what your emulator wants. It's very
      possible you
      have done something like this already.

      I seem to remember that there are ways to change settings on my serial
      for data transfer structure and baud rate. It might be worth cycling
      the options.

      Have you tried a "real" terminal? I have found that the older terminals
      better than Windows terminal emulators. When working on an SWTPC 6800 I

      could not get it to work properly until I tried a Zenith z-cn-19, set at
      300 baud.

      I may be way off - I am not an engineer. I am more of a persistent

      If you're really stuck and want to cart your 8800b over to my house
      of Delaware/MD/PA) you can use my 8800b to compare with yours. I could
      learn a
      lot from your experiences with the Altair as well. I also have an IMSAI
      and a 8800b-T


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      rcini@... writes:

      > So, here's the question: does anyone in this group have a
      > known-working SSM configuration and known-working program that I can
      > compare to what I have? I'm looking to compare jumper settings, cable

      > wiring and software -- everything. A solution is here but I'm not
      > seeing it yet. I'm also going to write a short Windows-based "paper
      > tape" emulator instead of trying to use the upload command of
      > Procomm. I think that something is getting messed up with that.
      > Thoughts? Thanks.

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