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Chris & Evan's visit to InfoAge...

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  • Evan
    Chris and I went to InfoAge today (Saturday, even though it s 4:19AM Sunday as I m writing this!) to help the staff there and to scope out the location for
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2005
      Chris and I went to InfoAge today (Saturday, even though it's 4:19AM Sunday
      as I'm writing this!) to help the staff there and to scope out the location
      for next week's event.

      I arrived in the morning and was assigned to painting duty. LOL, that
      didn't work out, so I was transferred to garbage-schlepping duty.
      Eventually, I found a home in removing-wooden-boards-from-windows duty.
      What can I say: physical destruction is fun. The task allowed me to use a
      drill and a sledgehammer. Woohoo!

      Then there was lunch, courtesy of InfoAge. Quite tasty sub sandwiches.

      Chris arrived after lunch, and Fred showed us around the building; I was
      able to compare parts of it to how it looked when I visited a few months
      with Andy.

      Oh, speaking of "the building" -- the specific building where next week's
      event will be held is called "the hotel" because, well, it was used for
      barracks / dorms (the facility changed from Army to a college, many years

      Chris and I checked out a bunch of potential rooms we could use next week,
      and decided on a corner of the largest room, known as the dining room (it
      was the cafeteria back in the days of old). The dining room is VERY dirty
      but we spent most of the afternoon sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. The
      good news: this particular corner has several power outlets, a few windows,
      and no obstructions. We figured out that we can arrange our electric fans
      on the side opposite the windows, so that with the windows open, it will
      create a cooling draft.

      Since the floor is in lousy condition, I'm going to shop for an inexpensive
      tarp this week, and we can put that down, held down at the corners by duct
      tape and on the sides by our tables. It is far from an ideal solution (that
      would be carpet), but it is cheap, easy, and effective. If there's time,
      however, I might call some carpet stores in the town where InfoAge is, to
      see if someone will donate a leftover section for us. You never know unless
      you ask. :)

      Anyway, be prepared to see a lot of ugliness next week! The staff at
      InfoAge does not (and can not!) hide that the facility is very, very much
      under renovation. They're trying as much as possible to make it look nice
      for the event but there are some big limitations.

      - Evan

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