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InfoAge could use our help this weekend

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  • Evan
    Marchers -- below is a message that InfoAge s Fred C. posted to the NJARC mailing list -- it certainly would be nice if some of us helped as well. I plan to
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2005
      Marchers -- below is a message that InfoAge's Fred C. posted to the NJARC
      mailing list -- it certainly would be nice if some of us helped as well. I
      plan to go tomorrow. (Questions tomorrow? My cell is 646-546-999.)

      - Evan


      Hello All,

      This is our last weekend before the dedication and open house.

      In spite of the hot weather we are close to having the hotel and
      library looking acceptable. If you can spare any time between 9am to
      5PM Saturday and 12PM to 5PM Sunday it will make a difference. Contact
      me if you can work other times.

      As of today we need to finish painting the foyer, entrance office and
      dining room. Finish removing the boards off the rear downstairs
      windows, clean the restrooms, some spot painting, some leaf raking and
      general clean-up. We also need to setup the display cases for the WW2

      If possible we will start hanging the WW2 posters.

      In spite of the terrible heat this past weekend our volunteers Dan
      Lieb, Warren Cockran, Reid Cashour, Dan Lieb, Karin Carl, Ray Chase and
      his grandson got alot done. The hedges infront of the hotel are
      and the cuttings removed. The 10 years of leaves on the front porch
      removed. The window boards are removed from the porch windows. The
      fallen limbs are removed from the lawns and roads. And we painted half
      the dining room.

      Yesterday Mike Ruane, his son Tom visited to look over the sound
      system layout, the speaker podium placement etc. Nels Warren also
      visited. His group restores WW2 military vehicles and he will have
      three here for our event.

      So things are shaping up. We have alot to do but we can make it with
      help.....please help if you can.

      Thank you,
      Fred Carl
      732 299-0894

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