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Re: [midatlanticretro] TRS80 Model 100 RE:Classic Computer Ads

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  • Jim Scheef
    Hello all, Yes, I m catching up on messages... The NADS boxes (emulates a Tandy Portable Disk Drive using standard flash memory) cost $150 and I ll bet they
    Message 1 of 16 , Jan 5 2:09 PM
      Hello all,

      Yes, I'm catching up on messages...

      The NADS boxes (emulates a Tandy Portable Disk Drive using standard
      flash memory) cost $150 and I'll bet they made a lot more than three
      dozen in the first batch. People would not be willing to spend that much
      money if they did not plan to actually use the device and the M100 that
      makes it useful. A second patch is being made. Evan, it looks like there
      must be hundreds - maybe thousands - of M100s still in (near) daily use.
      Now how many are used daily or by actual journalists is another matter,
      but there are not many devices as light and easy to use as the M100 that
      have a full sized keyboard with full travel keys. Plus there are all
      kinds of journalists. In it's heyday, the M100 was reputed to be quite
      popular with newspaper reports, particularly sports reporters. They
      could set it up in the press box and type up their report during the
      game and then look for a payphone to send it in at 300 baud using the
      acoustic couplers accessory. I doubt many reporters used an M100 in the

      It is a fabulous device for entering text and it does not surprise me at
      all that people would use if often - and not just as part of a
      collection - if they found it useful.

      Evan, sometime you might like to read thru my collection of M100 and
      Pico Magazines. I have most issues of both magazines and a few issues of
      some other early portable computer magazines.


      Christian Liendo wrote:
      > Why isn't Radio Shack selling Tandy x86 computers. People still use x86
      > computers.
      > I think you guys read dozens and translated to thousands. If three
      > dozen people use the computer, that's 36 people. If you look up model
      > 100 users you will find a few dozen.
      > Here is the HAM list and I counted 145, who knows how accurate it is,
      > but it's there.
      > http://www.club100.org/mtralist.html
      > There is enough of a market for them to make NADS (I cannot believe they
      > named it NADS, By Model T has NADS.. Heh Heh Heh ) box and they sold out
      > the 1st batch.
      > http://www.club100.org/
      > The first batch of NADSBoxes are sold out. A second batch is in process.
      > To get on the waiting list for a NADSBox send an email to
      > rick@... <mailto:rick@...>. Names on the 2nd batch list
      > before 1/1/09 will get a NADSBox at the introductory price even if it is
      > shipped after the first.
      > --- On *Wed, 12/31/08, Bill Degnan /<billdeg@...>/* wrote:
      > From: Bill Degnan <billdeg@...>
      > Subject: re: [midatlanticretro] TRS80 Model 100 RE:Classic Computer Ads
      > To: midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Wednesday, December 31, 2008, 10:22 AM
      > I should have been clearer, I meant why is Tandy not still selling
      > model
      > 100's if there are so many users today? They still sell other products
      > unchanged from the 80's like box tape recorders.
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