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Official RSVP communique

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Consider this the final who s coming thread for this Saturday s MARCH party / swap meet / tech day. I need to get an accurate head count. When entering the
    Message 1 of 90 , Dec 1 5:19 PM

      Consider this the final "who's coming" thread for this Saturday's MARCH party / swap meet / tech day.  I need to get an accurate head count.

      When entering the main InfoAge parking lot, there is a large metal gate.  Go through the gate (no guard) and the Telecom Building is on the right.

      This is really important: the main hotel building is playing host to a model train show, so just like during VCF they don't want anyone from the general public going in through the metal gate.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO CLOSE THE GATE BEHIND YOU *** EVERY *** TIME YOU PASS THROUGH IT.  Also, if anyone wants to check out the trains, you have to enter via the hotel lobby and pay the admission.  No sneaking in through the back hallway.  Seriously.

      I plan to arrive in the late morning on Saturday.  Fred or Steve will give us a key to the cottage.  As explained in a past email, the cottage accomodations are not exactly Hyatt quality .... I advise bringing a sleeping bag, or inflatable air mattress and blanket, or whatever .... however the kitchen and bathroom are in good shape.

      Other people / some other group will be staying there Friday night but they should be leaving around the time when we "check in" that afternoon.

      As for the Telecom Building itself, it's divided into three rooms, each the size of a classroom.  I found out tonight that some high school drama club is using one of the other rooms to practice military-style drilling.  Presumably they'll be making some noise.  I have mixed feelings about this: on one hand, Fred is WELL aware that we already booked the whole building for Saturday, and he admittedly screwed up by telling another group it's available ... on the other hand, I'm happy that InfoAge is finding so much success and that the calender is filling up.  Bottom line, we'll grab one of the other two rooms in that building (plenty of space; it's not like we would've used the whole building anyhow).  If the other group gets too noisy, then I say we retaliate and throw off thier beat by playing some 70s arcade music or 80s PC gaming sounds on full blast!!!  Anyone got a compilation?  :)

      Also the Telecom Building does have a working bathroom, but not a kitchen, so it'd be good if someone brings a larger cooler and a few bags of ice.  Fred will put in a couple of electric space heaters.  (The building has HVAC but it's currently broken.)  Also he'll be putting in some tables for our use, but of course this event is totally internal and informal, so it's not like the VCF where everything will be neat and organized.  Be ready to scrounge and improvise; there's nothing wrong with putting down a blanket (that you bring) and using the floor.  Good news however -- unlike in the hotel it IS okay if we get solder on the floor or whatever .....

      Hardware-wise, please keep in mind that MARCH / InfoAge is not your personal trash dump.  We might call dibs on any "leftover" items, but chances are that everyone should be prepared to bring HOME whatever's not given away or sold.

      This event ends whenever we're done.  I guess that's sometime Sunday.  Personally I need to wake up and leave EARLY on Sunday because I have to be home by 9:30am Sunday ..... stinks but it's necessary.

      Anyone have questions?

    • Andy Meyer
      Whoops, I guess I should RSVP. I will be there around noon, plus or minus an insignificant epsilon. Will there be some sort of MP3 playing device? I ve got
      Message 90 of 90 , Dec 5 10:24 AM
        Whoops, I guess I should RSVP.
        I will be there around noon, plus or minus an insignificant epsilon.

        Will there be some sort of MP3 playing device?
        I've got some interesting MP3 files.
        I've also got the two most recent episodes of "The IT Crowd" as AVI files
        if we'll have any way to project those.

        I'm bringing stuff for various people (you know who you are)
        and some trinkets for possible trade.
        I'm happy to have any unwanted Gameboy (original!) carts.

        And as a point of information, I've still got a complete Amiga 2000HD
        setup for sale:

        See you tomorrow,
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