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9975Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Intel MDS on EBay Item number: 170268336762

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  • Christian Liendo
    Oct 6, 2008
      So the seller is not lying, but he just doesn't know any better.
      But it's funny how he is trying to sell this as a piece of history

      --- On Sun, 10/5/08, Herb Johnson <herbjohnson@...> wrote:

      Well. I'm familiar with the early history of CP/M. It's easy to use
      one phrase or a quote to enhance an eBay sale. The "quote from
      compwisdom web site" is actually a quote from Stan Veit's "PC history"
      article from his (memorial) Web site:

      http://www.pc- history.org/ pc-software. htm

      Veit mashes up the earliest history of PL/M and CP/M in that
      description. Based on publications at the time, I know PL/M was first
      developed for the 8008, then migrated to the 8080; then pieces of
      other Kildall projects plus a PL/M file system "became" CP/M for the 8080.

      In my opinion, and I'm reasonably informed and can cite primary
      references, I believe that Gary Kildall first developed CP/M between
      about 1973 and just into 1975; and first ran it on a floppy drive only
      after the fall of 1974 but probably not long after that. That being
      the case, he could NOT have FIRST run it on a system like the one on eBay.

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