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9961trs 80 model II - looking for a good tech site (oh and my wife just had a baby last week)

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  • B Degnan
    Oct 4, 2008
      I have been kind of out of the loop for the past week to anyone who had
      tried to reach me....

      Late last night I discovered my previously working model II has lost its
      ability to boot up. Does anyone on this list have a favorite site for
      tech FAQ's, etc. that they find useful? Some of the old sites seem to
      no longer be available. Specifically my system powers up but no longer
      completes the boot cycle, does not attempt to read a disk or display
      anything to the screen. I have just started working on this system and
      will send an update if I get one. I know the typical stuff to try, and
      will do so asap. I had let this system lie dormant for 3-4 years, it
      worked back then, but I had not re-tested it since. It's really
      important to keep your old hardware fresh by running each system for a
      few hours each year. I had not gotten to this one for too long.

      Thanks to all who have asked me about my new son born on this past Weds
      - Joseph Victor Degnan - 8 lbs....he and my wife Kelcey are doing fine.
      I am blessed to have large family and many friends to share this happy


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