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  • Evan Koblentz
    Oct 4, 2008
      Tomorrow we're having 80 Cub Scouts and 40 parents visit InfoAge.
      They will coming through each sub-museum, including ours, in small groups every 15 minutes.
      I want to demo of Pong.  Does anyone have a working Pong machine, or Intellivision, etc., that could somehow get to me tonight?  I don't have any plans so I'm willing to drive wherever, or meet someone halfway, etc.  (Emulator on my laptop wouldn't be any fun because it wouldn't involve paddles and the kids wouldn't fully grasp that this wasn't how we actually played.)
      Plan B is just Atari, which obviously we have already at the museum, but it's not quite as dramatic as Pong.  :)
      - Evan