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9952Copying Oregon Trail for IIgs

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  • Kelly Leavitt
    Oct 1, 2008
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      OK, my ROM3 IIGS with 2 Meg of RAM is up and running with a CFFA (see http://tinyurl.com/3cmqb) and a 128 meg compact flash card as the storage (4 32meg partitions).

      Autoboots into OS 6 in no time.

      I have 2 - 3.5" drives and and original copy of MECCs Oregon Trail for the iigs on a 3.5" disk. It boots and runs fine.

      I'd like to copy the disk for safety, but every time I try to use copy ii or any other copy program I have, it doesn't work. In fact the computer usually locks up. In OS 6 or any of the earlier versions, the disk is not recognized.

      I have seen lots of copies of it on 5.25" for download, but no where have I seen a 3.5" image.

      So, does anyone know how to copy this disk?
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