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9931Return to normalcy please

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Sep 28, 2008
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      To all --
      I tried to inject some lightheartedness to this list recently.  The idea was to have some low-stress fun in the wake of high-stress VCF/museum planning.
      My plan massively backfired.  I had no idea that some OT threads would prove to be far more controversial than some holy wars about vintage computers!  So I apologize to everyone whom I offended by the topics and/or by the OT-ness in general.  Nobody, especially me, wants this list to become just a regional version of the chaos found at cctalk.
      To those who asked in public and in private: no, we're not going to divide this list into mutliple lists for on/off-topicness.  That would be a major PITA and wholely unnecessary.
      Until this email, only myself and Jim Scheef had moderator rights on this list.  Just now, I logged in to the Yahoo group admin panal and added moderator rights to the other officers: Andy Meyer, Bill Degnan, John Allain, and Bryan Pope.
      All six of us now have the ability to a