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99Update on TCF security, hotels, etc.

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  • evan947
    Mar 3, 2005
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      Hi everyone,

      Just talked with Erik Wendt who runs most of the logistical matters
      for TCF. He's very happy with the progress we are making re: having
      theme tables, unique computers, etc.

      They moved the main exhibit hall from the college's student center to
      the recreation (sports) center -- turns out there is some kind of open
      house for high school students and parents that weekend. The good
      news: they're giving us our own entire room in the rec center,
      directly off of the main space, and that room has just one door in/out
      which they will ** LOCK ** at night. And, they're planning to supply
      a big sign directing human traffic to our room. They promise that it
      will be packed; again, they see us as a major attraction for this
      show. Cool!

      The show is open to the public Sat., April 16 from 10am-5pm, and Sun,
      April 17 from 10am-4pm. We're allowed in at 7am to set things up, and
      we can also set up Fri. night from 6pm to about 9/10pm. Sunday night
      we can stay for at least a few hours to deconstruct everything.

      They're providing tables for us, and they promised to at least try to
      provide a separate power circuit. They're fairly confident of being
      able to provide an analog phone line (I forget who, but one of you
      asked about getting that to connect to a BBS.)

      We'll all get free VIP parking passes and there is a special area for
      parking during set-up times. I will ask about getting all of us an
      extra 'guest' pass too.

      There is also a Saturday evening banquet. I'm not keen on bringing
      nice clothes and shaving for that -- instead I propose that we just go
      to a local restaurant together Sat. night. If everyone's into that, I
      can look into making a reservation someplace casual, for example a
      Friday's, etc.

      There is no special show rate for the local hotels. But there is a
      list of local hotels on the college's web site at
      http://www.tcnj.edu/~ccr/about/hotel.html. (To save money, I'm
      looking to split a room with someone. Any takers?)

      They also reiterated that no buying/selling is allowed on the show
      floor. But they added (with a metaphorical wink) that if you insist
      on being the guy who uses steroids, please do it QUIETLY. This is to
      avoid ticking off the other vendors and to avoid breaking tax laws
      and/or getting TCF in trouble with the college. (There is a whole
      separate 'flea market' part of the show, details are at
      http://www.tcfshow.com -- however I don't think any of us will have
      time, unless we clone each other, to exhibit in both areas.)

      Post-TCF, we should start thinking about other things we can do as a
      club, and a swap meet is idea #1. Maybe we can get together with
      other area clubs (computer user groups, radio clubs, etc.)

      I think that addresses most of the urgent questions. Please let me
      know ASAP if there are others.

      I'll also start filling out the rest of the who's-bringing-what table,
      based on what everyone's already stated -- we can all edit it as

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