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9803TI 99/4 or 99/4a - Expansion unit works for both

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  • Bill Degnan
    Sep 22, 2008
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      > Thats good to know. I bought a TI 99/4a as well at VCF with no
      > power supply. I thought the machine with the expansion chasis for
      > sale was a TI 994 though, not a 4a?
      > I hope to play Tunnels of Doom on the machine once I get it going.

      The Expansion unit came in two versions, very subtle differences visually (power button vs. switch), probably a ROM or two different on the inside. I am not sure which version came first. Anyway, the Expansion Unit is technically a "99/4" Expansion unit, but that may just be a naming thing. I am not sure the date the expansion unit was released, if it came out at the same time or before the 99/4a. I am sure the answer is on the Internet someplace.