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9799Re: [midatlanticretro] TI-99/4A

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  • Bill Degnan
    Sep 22, 2008
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      > >
      > > The power supplies get very hot, and they go bad a lot. Getting 4 is
      > > good, you'll go through them like light bulbs. I have a few decked-out
      > > Expansion Unit systems. If you're into TI's that's the way to go.
      > > Diskette drive storage on a TI 99 makes it such a better system. They
      > > have those wonderful graphics for a 1979 computer. I have not set my
      > > system up in a year or more, maybe I will take it out and make sure it's
      > > all in working order. Bill
      > That's odd - from what I can see they just put out 18VAC and 8VAC
      > (maybe only 18 on the beige models). Must be a bad design.

      they get really hot when they're going bad.
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