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9733micro-KIM (NOT CATS)

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  • john_apw
    Sep 18, 2008
      Since building the micro-KIM at the workshop, I've downloaded tons of
      documentation about it and the 6502 in general.

      So last night, Andrew and I sat down together, him with the KIM and
      me with my PC laptop.

      We went through the first 15 pages or so of a well-written document
      that's a beginner's introduction. He entered and ran a few small
      programs, and we talked about what was going on and why.

      He's picking it up quickly, and enjoying it.

      We spent maybe an hour or so, and it just felt so much more enjoyable
      than an afternoon playing Halo. Well, more satisfying.

      I really like the idea that these workshops can really spark the
      interst and participation of young teens. I can't overstate that this
      may be an excellent way to continue nurturing interest in our vintage
      computer hobby.