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9459Re: [midatlanticretro] VCF Marketplace - Details?

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  • Stan Brewer
    Sep 8, 2008
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      Our local Museum started selling items that had been donated to them.  Sure got a lot of people who had donated sore.
      I would say use the items for trading.


      Bill Dromgoole wrote:

      Giving equipment away and selling equipment sounds like a sure way to
      increase a persons desire to donate equipmet to the club.

      They may as well sell it themselves.

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      > Or we could build a fort.
      > But I'm leaning toward the original idea -- MARCH Clearance Sale!
      > I'm willing to sell anything that we've got three or more of .... for
      > example we have four or five TI-99/4A computers. We have probably a dozen
      > 1541 drives. We have three or four each of the II+ and IIe. We have four
      > Osbornes. I think we might have three Atari 800s. We even have three or
      > four MicroVAX units. (They're not all the same model, but it won't kill
      > us to liquidate one or two of them.)
      > A to-be-determined portion of the VCF / MARCH clearance revenue will go
      > back to InfoAge.
      > We also have several members named Bill, Bob, and Michael. We could sell
      > those! It's a good day to be, for example, a Sridhar.
      >> Well, as everyone here should know, I'm always a fan of blowing things
      >> up,
      >> but with risk of Evan going bonkers, I will refrain from making a comment
      >> as
      >> to what we should do with the C64s.
      >> Boom!
      >> Joe
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