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9381ALTAIR BASIC...Re: [midatlanticretro] exhibits - U of D hstory class starts today.

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  • Dan
    Sep 6, 2008
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      I noticed you have several machines there for the class. I didn't realize you would have another class scheduled this fall. I would've prepared the ALTAIR BASIC in Rom. That would make a good display for the classroom. But I've been busy with my VCF exhibit to spend time with this.

      I already do have the ALTAIR 8K BASIC Rom file with which I can burn Roms. I have a 1702 Rom card that I could prepare and add the Rom Hardware Mod to let it copy the BASIC Roms into Ram. If you like, I would have plenty of time after VCF to build this and get BASIC running on your ALTAIR This would be something I would really like to do.

      I do have it installed on my IMSAI now since I'll be using it for the exhibit. Although I don't have a floppy drive running yet, I'm using battery backup on my memory hold the program. This took a while since we had to type in all lines of the source code from the manual, 8KB worth, since we couldn't find a file anywhere. I had to patch the BASIC source code to initialize my serial card since I didn't have a IMSAI card. I actually had to do this a couple of times because one of the serials card just died the other week and I couldn't get parts on short notice. I'm using a Prom Card that holds 2716 Roms. So then I only had the split the BASIC Rom file into 4 files -- alot less than 1702 Roms :) I also added the Monitor Rom to this with another hardware mod so then I can address the Monitor at E000 while using the same Prom card with the Basic Roms--which start at address 0000. If you get a Rom card like this later on, I could prepare the Rom files for this and add the hardware mod to this too.


      [ Pittsburgh 250th --- http://www2.applegate.org/~ragooman/   ]

      B Degnan wrote:
      What other exhibits are on the fence and not currently listed on
      How many spaces remain?  Bryan Pope do you have an exhibit?  Andy?  John 
      Allain?  No pressure...we're missing some categories of computers AFAICT
      Today is the first day of my class at the U of D.  I have made some 
      procedural improvements but it's basically the same thing as last 
      year.    Here are the systems I plan to demo over the semester as part 
      of the class, plus I have a new slew of vintage magazine articles that 
      are required reading.  Thanks again to anyone who has helped me get them 
      running.  It's not too late to sign up if you live near Newark 
      Delaware!  Each student group will be given their own vintage computer 
      to restore/program, and they'll have to present the results at the end 
      of the semester .   If you want to sit in for a class, let me know.  
      5-615 Tu Thurs.  Smith Hall.
      Altair 680
      Altair 8800
      IMSAI 8080
      Northstar Horizon
      Apple ][
      IBM PC
      XOR S4
      TRS 80 Mod I and or III or
      SWTPc 6800
      Macintosh  or  Lisa

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