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9283OT: Bro is selling laptop, fixer upper machine

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  • Joe Giliberti
    Sep 1, 2008
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      Acer 5102wlmi
      Turion X2 processor
      1GB DDR2 RAM
      DVD-RW Drive
      IDE Hard disk bay
      5-1 memory card reader
      integrated wifi
      Radeon 1100 graphics
      15.4" widescreen
      Comes with Windows XP restore CDs
      Good AC Adapter, battery questionable
      Integrated Webcam

      He wants to sell this one for whatever I can get so he can get something on sale at BestBuy. He wants $200. Everything is good with it, except there is either an issue with the hard drive, OR the onboard IDE controller. CDs and DVDs work fine, such as an Ubuntu Live disc. However, when in windows booted from C drive, within a few seconds of entering XP, five times out of ten a BSOD comes up. Yes, we have formatted and reinstalled twice so far. Occasionaly, on the startup screen, it says it cannot find Fixed Disk 0.
      Aside from all of that, it would be a good laptop. We are taking the HDD out before sale.