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9281Re: Last Request: HHGttG Manual in PDF or something

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  • Herb Johnson
    Sep 1, 2008
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      "Brian Cirulnick" <techrat@...> wrote:

      > As for the CP/M versus DOS debate, I doubt anyone here actually *likes*
      > Bill Gates... But, to quote someone else, the reason Microsoft is
      > successful and other characters/companies in the history of computers
      > have failed is because those guys made more mistakes than Microsoft did.
      > Building a better mousetrap doesn't really mean the world will beat a
      > path to your door. Didn't anyone here ever see the movie "Tucker"?
      > ttyl
      > Brian C.

      I understand your point about relative mistakes. Can you understand a
      point about relative "failure"? Gary Kildall's company was started on
      a kitchen table with his wife in 1975. In 1990 it was sold to Novell
      for $150 MILLION dollars - that's $250M in today's dollars. Explain to
      me how that is a "failure"? Only to those who measure success in the
      billions of dollars.

      But that point aside, CP/M *mattered* in its time and place. That time
      was not just a few years on the IMSAI, Kaypro, Osborne; but as part of
      a line of products. It and products of the era, set the stage where
      IBM - and Microsoft - "succeeded". History is like that. I think that
      makes history worth studying, worth preserving.

      Herb Johnson
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