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9025Re: Progress on 11/20 exhibit

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  • Herb Johnson
    Aug 12, 2008
      Summary: The 11/20 Web page, and the Virtual Exhibit Web page, have
      been improved and updated. Major development work is now completed.
      Some work remains.

      The 11/20 Web page at


      ..now has an index, which is followed by the current status of the
      exhibit, before the Introduction. A large portion of inventory
      information has been transferred to another Web page. These changes
      should help in navigation.

      The Virtual Exhibit Web page at:


      ...now includes a Web page with links to the videos for the exhibit.
      This page shows all the content and the rough arrangement of the
      physical exhibit, as images. Posters are shown as equivalent HTML
      documents. Links from the photos go to documents, images and now
      videos. More information is on the 11/20 Web page.

      Since we are now at about 30 days before the MARCH museum and VCF-E
      show, I now consider major development of the 11/20 exhibit CLOSED. No
      major changes will be made. This is a good opportunity to review the
      Virtual exhibit to consider any MINOR changes.

      Remaining work: 1) some DEC books for the exhibit. 2) set up a
      computer to show the videos. 3) a MARCH-owned DEC card for the
      exhibit, if available. 4) a Lexan cover for the 11/20 front panel. 5)
      production of the posters and a full-sized image of the 11/20 boards
      in place. 6) physical work on the exhibit and artifacts, just before
      the show.

      One bit of explanation. Because the 11/20 has its backplane in the top
      of the case, with the boards hanging DOWN, we can't show the interior
      of the system. So I'll ask Evan to print a full-sized photo of the
      cards and THAT will be displayed on TOP of the system.

      Note to Evan: DOC files for the posters and full size images are
      available from another section of my Web site. Check the 11/20 Web
      page "status" section or previous emails from me for links.

      Herb Johnson
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