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9001InfoAge today

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Aug 9, 2008
      Today, me / Bryan / Chris L. worked in our exhibit rooms at InfoAge from 11am - 4pm.
      A couple of weeks ago, me and Joe consolidated four rooms' of hardware into three rooms.  But rather than merely consolidating, we put a lot of gear aside for moving into the H-building storage area.
      Today we repeated that process -- we consolidated three rooms into two, and put lots more aside for moving into the H-building's long-term storage area (don't worry, we still have easy access, it's just across the street!) .... so now rooms 3 and 4 are completely empty, and InfoAge's own volunteers and laborers will renovate them properly.
      This fall, post-VCF and post-Halloween, we get those rooms back -- freshly renovated and ready for round two of our exhibits.
      Herb: we were VERY careful with the 11/20 and all of its related boxes.  It's all in one place in our second room, not blocked by anything else.  So please continue that project just as you were before.  All that changes is which door you enter through.   :-)
      Question for everyone: other than the 8 and the 11/20, which of our "plethora" of other DEC hardware (11/05, 11/40, several microVAX, several terminals, VAX/750, etc.) should stay for the first wave of exhibits?  I couldn't decide today so we left it all (neatly) together.
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