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8912Re: Progress on 11/20 exhibit

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  • Herb Johnson
    Aug 1 2:42 PM
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      The PDP-11/20 Web home page above, now starts with a section on the
      upcoming MARCH exhibit of the 11/20. In that section I now link to a
      new Web page which is a "simulation" of the *actual MARCH exhibit*.


      (This link may change but the home page will be stable and always
      provide a link.) This page shows represeentations of the PDP-11/20,
      the posters, videos, and other artifacts to be exhibited. The images
      on that page link to full-text versions and images and videos which
      will be exhibited. (The large DOC files and image files of the posters
      are replaced with smaller HTML documents.)

      I want to thank David Gesswein, for loans of a PDP-11 card and a PDP-8
      original paper tape. He's also donated two copies of that paper tape,
      for the public to "examine". The card and original tape will be housed
      in plastic.

      To those who say "I can't wait to see the exhibit", *look at it now*.
      Don't wait! I can fix it now, not later! Once again, PLEASE please
      review these documents. Contact me for changes, corrections, comments.
      I've had some good feedback already and have made changes. Thank you.

      I do not anticipate making major changes or additions. There is not
      enough time left. There is still work to do! But I can correct text
      and manipulate images and so forth. Ultimately Evan will print these
      posters and he'll be reluctant to reprint them!

      Herb Johnson

      Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey USA
      http://www.retrotechnology.com/herbs_stuff/ web site
      http://www.retrotechnology.net/herbs_stuff/ domain mirror
      my email address: hjohnson AAT retrotechnology DOTT com
      if no reply, try in a few days: herbjohnson ATT comcast DOTT net
      "Herb's Stuff": old Mac, CP/M, 8-inch floppy drives
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