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8690Re: [midatlanticretro] FW: VAX equipment

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  • Sridhar Ayengar
    Jul 17, 2008
      Jim Scheef wrote:
      > This would make a great mini-computer exhibit down the road when we move
      > the museum to the larger buildings in the back. It's size is perhaps
      > it's best attribute as opening the cabinet would allow people to see the
      > components and how a middle-size system was constructed. The fact that
      > it is in working or near working condition makes it even better. And it
      > is one of our target East coast computer manufacturers.
      > What do we know about the VAXen we already have? There is a
      > middlin-sized VAX cabinet in one of the store rooms. What model is it?
      > Is it purported to work? I would like to get this VAX6000 for the museum
      > but only if the price comes down to zero and Sridhar gets first dibs at
      > that price. So, after all that, if they guy is willing to donate it, we
      > would need a truck with a ramp to pick it up and take it somewhere other
      > than InfoAge for storage.
      > The DEC reseller is probably interested in the processor card without
      > which the system is worthless. So we need the system complete as is. The
      > note about the terminals >>There are a couple of terminals including a
      > print unit.<< The 'print unit' is probably a DECwriter, something we can
      > use for many, many projects.
      > Short term it might be worth it to get this thing just to get a DECwriter!

      I'd be happy to donate my VAX 8700 to the museum when the time comes.

      A VAX 6000 is too new for Evan not to get pissed off.

      Peace... Sridhar
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