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8685Re: [midatlanticretro] FW: VAX equipment

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  • Sridhar Ayengar
    Jul 17, 2008
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      Ian King wrote:
      > Hm, I may know someone. Let me check....
      > I have a VAX 6000, although I've had an ongoing power supply problem
      > with it that's precluded actually running it. Mine is the -600 model,
      > with six processors - thus making it a 6660, or the Devil's VAX. :-)
      > Many of these were upgrades from an earlier model, as was mine. -- Ian

      I have a VAX 6610, a 6540, and a DECsystem 5840. I have other VAXen,
      but those are my 6000-class machines. If you're not familiar, the
      DECsystem 5800 is a 6300 with the

      Peace... Sridhar
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