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  • altairmanrich
    Mar 2, 2005
      Hello, all:

      Thanks Evan for letting me know about this. Many members here will
      know me from the ClassicCmp list.

      I was talking to Evan last night about what I might bring for the
      retrocomputing display and he suggested I post a general outline of
      my collection and see where some of it fits into what we're going to

      As far as collections, I'm heavy in micros...Apple (][, //c, ///,
      Fat Mac, SE/30, IIci), Commodore (VIC, C64, Pet 4032), Tandy (Model
      I). I also have some unique things like the Motorola MECB, several
      KIM-1's, a few AIM-65's, Atari Portfolio (which I don't really use),
      Tandy Model 102 with DVI, TI-74. I also have a Northstar Horizon.

      Any thoughts on some of this? I do have software for most of it,
      but the challenge would be finding something visually stimulating yet
      interactive, like games.


      Rich Cini
      Collector of classic computers
      Build Master for the Altair32 Emulation Project
      Web site: http://highgate.comm.sfu.ca/~rcini/classiccmp/
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